Individual Initiative Association for Human Rights
جمعية المبادرة الفردية لحقوق الانسان

who We are?

Individual Initiative Association for Human Rights – MASIR (Fate)


An empty world from racism and discrimination.


Individual Initiative Association for Human Rights – MASIR (Fate)

Was established in 2011 as a non-governmental organization working in Lebanon to advocate woman rights, promote and implement local and international laws relating to the rights of vulnerable groups and equality between men and women.
The Association provides legal and social assistance to the vulnerable groups as stateless, works to claim citizenship for them and for the children of the Lebanese mother, rehabilitation of female prisoners and combating physical and psychological violence. The Association offers psychological awareness programs, human skills development, legal consultancy, and help to those who don’t have access to health and education.
It launched the campaign “My Nationality, My Dignity” which Primary objective is to demand that the Lebanese government grant Lebanese women, their constitutional right to transmit Lebanese nationality to their children. In addition, to correct the status of stateless in Lebanon.
  • Social justice
  • Equality between man and woman in Human Rights
  • Credibility to deal with stakeholders
  • Ethical and Financial transparency
  • Psychological and physical freedom
  • Freedom of choice
  • Independent thinking and political or masculinity, non-dependency
  • Appreciate people with all their differences.
  • A Freedom believes and belonging without fear
  • Empathy with Marginalized group in community like stateless
  • Cooperation between associations members and concern people to reach the goals
  • The Insisting on pluming’s rights, especially to marginalized groups


Personal status, laws consistent with international laws and treaties and supportive of the rights of marginalized groups in Lebanon, specially women and stateless, supported by appropriate mechanisms.
Capacity building and empowerment:
Marginalized group in Lebanon Including Lebanese women prisoners and children of Lebanese women from securing their minimum level needs, equal employment opportunity, rehabilitation of women prisoner, Psychological awareness,
Capacity building, financial and material assistance, sexual harassment, legal assistance for marginalized group and combating physical and psychological violence.