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“My Nationality My dignity” Campaign


“My Nationality My dignity” Campaign 

  • Who are we?

“My Nationality My Dignity” is a campaign that demands the Lebanese government to grant Lebanese women, their constitutional right to transmit Lebanese nationality to their children. In addition, to correct the status of stateless in Lebanon.
  • How big its impact?

We have more than 100 000 stateless people, according to a 2009 study and that number is increasing. Those people have no nationality, no papers, deprived of their right to work, study, Healthcare and all the rights for living a normal life. They face discrimination in all life aspects, have no rights in Lebanon and they are treated like as if they hadn’t existed.
In addition, we have children of Lebanese mothers married from non-Lebanese, they are treated like foreigners in the country where they born and studied, they have no rights in Lebanon except holding a residency permit renewable every 3 years and if they break the date they have to pay 200$.
  • What we are doing?

We are changing public opinion, we are meeting parliament deputies, ministers, and clergymen, political parties to gain their support and to change the law in accordance with the Lebanese Constitution, so a Lebanese mother’s of non-Lebanese children and stateless can pass her nationality.
We work to raise awareness of stateless and non-Lebanese children about their rights and the procedure of obtain supporting documents through free legal consultation. We also work to solve the daily problems directly with the concerned authorities, ministries, public security, special cases and we collecting files for these cases.
  • What we will do?

We will keep fighting until the adoption of updates nationality law, gender based violence ended and to correct the status of stateless in Lebanon.
  • Why it’s critical situation?

With the increased numbers of stateless people in Lebanon the percentage of ignorance, crime violence, homeless, and child marriage is increasing. And the children of Lebanese mothers married from non-Lebanese are suffering from psychological problems anxiety, depression, suicide, social withdrawal, family security threatening, and family separation and bond breaking between motherhood and the motherland.