Individual Initiative Association for Human Rights
جمعية المبادرة الفردية لحقوق الانسان

The Individual initiative association for human rights Finished the “Please Understand Me” project in North and Bekaa

The Individual Initiative Association for Human Rights has launched the project “Please Understands Me” which is funded by the LDF COVD-19 Community Support Fund (LDF-CCSF), In collaboration with World learning and with support from MEPI.

The project was found to meet a specific need imposed by “COVID-19” pandemic with its social and economic implications that has negatively affected societies, especially the families of Lebanese mothers married from non-Lebanese and stateless whom they are treated with racism and discrimination.

The high incidence of poverty and violence in particular, in all its forms, the Corona Pandemic has led us to give women married to non-Lebanese and foreign husbands married from Lebanese women, who suffer from additional pressures because of the nationality issue, training sessions of Anger Management and conflict resolution, especially that these families are treated in a bad and racist manner by their surrounding environment and even by official authorities which lead to creating additional conflicts and problem for them.

the project targeted 32 Lebanese women married from a non-Lebanese and 32 foreign husbands who are married from a Lebanese woman, over a period of four days in North and Bekaa regions. These sessions will support the social life between the spouses and their interaction with the surrounding environment by giving them to the simplest methods and techniques of Anger Management and how to resolve conflicts in order to achieve a reduction in violence in all its forms.

After taking sessions, 64 certificates for participation were distributed in both regions.

Tripoli Sessions in our office (12-13 September 2020)

Bekaa Sessions in our office (19-20 September 2020) Tripoli Sessions in our office (12-13 September 2020)

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